POETRY: Your Weakness


I know, if I saw you now, I would lose

My anger, and find my fear

Just like before

Submitting to your strength


Falling prey to your weakness.

I know, if I saw you now, I would break

And plead with you to tell me


But you would look on


My recurring nightmare

A hazy memory

You can’t recall

I was so easy to hurt, it came naturally

Like breathing.




*photo tinypic.com

POETRY: BloodLetting

They used to think
The blood was sick
And so you had to bleed
Can my sickness
Be the pain
That makes me feel the need
To make the cut
To plunge the blade
And know it’s my decision
To watch the blood
Flow beautifully
From my desperate incision
This could bring me
Sweet escape
From my vicious heart
That pumps my body
Full of pain
But I don’t know where to start