POETRY: Your Weakness


I know, if I saw you now, I would lose

My anger, and find my fear

Just like before

Submitting to your strength


Falling prey to your weakness.

I know, if I saw you now, I would break

And plead with you to tell me


But you would look on


My recurring nightmare

A hazy memory

You can’t recall

I was so easy to hurt, it came naturally

Like breathing.




*photo tinypic.com

POETRY: BloodLetting

They used to think
The blood was sick
And so you had to bleed
Can my sickness
Be the pain
That makes me feel the need
To make the cut
To plunge the blade
And know it’s my decision
To watch the blood
Flow beautifully
From my desperate incision
This could bring me
Sweet escape
From my vicious heart
That pumps my body
Full of pain
But I don’t know where to start

POETRY: Actor’s Lament

“lights up”
those two words
pack a punch
to knock you
out, of reality
in, to character
become a hybrid
of you and him
of you and her
somewhere between
you and the audience
you lose all sense
of concrete identity
what are you
with them, without them?
the show must go on
your anthem
your curse
insanity, driving you
you must be, because
you only want more
and suddenly you realize
you don’t know when
the performance begins
the performance ends
when to become real
if you ever were real
at all

POETRY: Last Night

Last night I cried
And my eyes opened
My soul poured out
Small drops of emotion
Only human frailty can create

Today was rain
And the heavens opened
The cleansing torrent
Washing away the impurities
Yet allowing life to go on

Last night I cried
Today was rain
And my eyes opened
And the heavens opened
My soul poured out
The cleansing torrent
Small drops of emotion
Washing away the impurities
Only human frailty can create
Yet allowing life to go on



You cried with me today.
And all I could think
Was how beautiful you were.
Vulnerable to yourself.
Your strongest emotions
Unable to form words, but
Filling your eyes.
Painting humanity on your face.

artwork by Isaiah Stephens

POETRY: The Storm

Thunder. In my ears. In my dreams.
Rolling heavily over the valleys and canyons
That are me. That are part of me.
Intensity growing with each breath.  With each
Inhale. Exhale.
Taking over the divide. Crossing each chasm with ease.
Hastening towards me.
Each clap of thunder.

Thunder. In my ears. In my dreams.
Closer now than ever before.
Nothing I can see. Nothing I can touch.
Nothing to fight against. Just this
Consuming, deafening sound
Surrounded by these canyons, these valleys
Too deep to cross
Deep enough to protect me from every danger, except this

Thunder. In my ears. In my dreams.
My head against your chest.
Awaking to hear
The beat of your hear
Awaking to feel
Your arms around me
Embraced in the storm.