My name is Hannah.  I consider myself an artist.  I create with my writing, my voice, my body.  More simply put, I am a performer.  I act, dance, and sing, and have a degree in Theatre to back it all up!

But also, very importantly,  I am a writer.  I also have a degree in both English and Creative Writing.  And I’m here now to share my work and connect with other artists!  I have several Tags I will list my work under, hopefully one of them will interest you!  Here is what you will find in my blogs:

FILM : Check out my latest film productions! Short movies, youtube series, and more! This is new for me, I’ve mostly written for stage productions, but I’m having a lot of fun working as a screen writer.

FICTION: Read excerpts from the novels I’ve written (or am currently writing)

POETRY: I tend to be a somewhat private person when it comes to my deeper feelings.  I find it hard to express them.  Poetry has always been a way for me to release the somewhat darker or complex emotions I feel.  Here, I’ll post complete poetic works.  I’d love feedback, and to see your work as well!

FAITH: Religion is a central part of my life, being a Messianic Jew and a philosophical visionary.  Here is where I will post all of my writing and musings influenced by the Faith that influences my world.

Thanks for stopping by to explore my blog!